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Uses for Raspberry Vinegar

To ease a sore throat, drink a little Raspberry Vinegar mixed with hot water, though  be warned, it can be a little eye watering as it goes down. 

It adds a bit of oomph to gravy, I mix it with rapeseed oil to make a salad dressing and add a dash when I make pavlova.

Unexpectedly, it makes a refreshing drink poured over ice and diluted with soda water. Fry some chopped bacon in a pan and tip in some raspberry vinegar, scrape all the delicious brown bits from the pan and then pour the bacon and vinegar over some green leaves for a quick salad.

Raspberry Vinegar is a sweet and delicate in flavour, it can be used to compliment fruits and many salads, or can be used in a salad dressing, and makes a wonderful raspberry vinaigrette.

Raspberry Vinegar is a healthy alternative to more robust vinegars and since the vinegar is not as pungent as other vinegars, you can cut calories by using less oil. RV makes a great marinade and  can be used in sauces for roasted meats. 

A natural cure - for dry coughs - drink a tablespoon of olive oil and raspberry vinegar for a couple of days this will loosen the chest.

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My waffle maker and Fred and Bex goodies have arrived! Thank you so much!! X


Thanks so much for the Raspberry vinegar, yummy on Skinners ice cream!!..........thanks